Advice from the future

A pep talk from me-a-year-from-now. For present me, but for you too.

Each year, in Susannah Conway’s Unravel Your Year workbook, she invites me to step into the shoes of me-a-year-from-now and give some advice to present me. “You are one year older and one year wiser,” she prompts, and there’s “stuff you’re eager to tell yourself.”

Of course, if I really got to do this, I’d want to tell myself about natural disasters, political turmoil, relational strife that could be so easily avoided, and investment opportunities!

Like this xkcd comic from 2011. Don’t remember about Haiti & Japan? Or Three Wolf Moon, for that matter? explainxkcd has you covered. Also, the mouse-over text is 😭

But as these things go, I had to keep future-me’s advice vague. So it probably applies to you, too!

Here it is.

Dear Chad:

I am about 1/32 more old and wise than you. It’s not much. And these 1-year gaps in age become proportionally less & less significant each year. You could teach old me as much as I could teach young you. I’ve forgotten as much as I’ve learned.

Time is speeding up.

You have more time now than you’ll ever have again. Until retirement, maybe.

You have as much clarity available to you now as you’ll ever have.

Slow down. Speed up.

Charge on. Dream on. Love on. Build on. Dance on.

Stay hungry; stay foolish. Stay angry; stay organized.

Gather it all in. Ponder it in your heart.

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